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Department of Computer Science & Engineering

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About CSE

About Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Classes teach subjects like computer hardware and software design, operating systems, database systems, handling of multimedia data like grahics, video clips, computer network and communication, distributed systems, information security, and artificial intelligence.

Alumni are positioned at large and medium-size enterprises related to computers and information technology, public institutions, financial sectors, and the principal research institutions in Korea and abroad. They also choose positions as teachers after the teacher training courses.

Major of Computer Communications & Security

Computer communication and security major covers two fields - computer communication and computer security.
On computer communication field, we are researching on the broad range of communication-related issues on the protocols of wired and wireless network including the Internet and public phone network. We do joint research with some leading research institutes and venture companies including ETRI, KT R&D center, and IITA in Daejeon area. Our research areas are 3G/4G mobile communication network, ad hoc network, sensor network, ubiquitous network, optical communication, multi-party communication, multimedia communication, and high-speed router design.
On computer security field, we are researching on the state-of-the-art technologies on the application level security and the system level security. We have accumulated many competitive research results by collaborating with government agencies including ETRI and KISA and also working with some local companies such as Narinet. Our research areas are digital right management, electronic payment system, Internet security for e-commerce, mobile communication security, application of public key infrastructure technologies, intrusion detection and recovery, security appliance development, secure program environment, and network processor application.


Major of Data & Software Engineering

This major provides students the opportunity to study a specific science area or engineering principles which allow the students to gain skills in Database areas, Software Engineering areas, or Programming Language & Compiler areas. This major aims to produce students with proficient abilities in software analysis & design, the database design, the compiler construction, and much more.

The curriculum is designed to prepare students for a career in Computer Engineering Research. This includes coursework which provides breadth and background knowledge in the intended research areas, and extensive research training and experiences in the industry. The following courses are provided for the students: Advanced XML, Advanced Semantic Web, Advanced Ontology, Deductive Database, Real-time Database, Object-Oriented Database, Knowledge-Based Systems, Advanced Information Management, Software Analysis and Design, Software Requirement Engineering, Software Architecture, Software Testing, Distributed Programming, Parallel Compiler, Advanced Complier Construction, Formal Language Theory, Logic Programming, Advanced Programming Languages, etc.

This major, in turn, will help prepare students to become professionals in the industry, such asa DBA(database administrator), a software analyst & designer, a software test expert, or a professional programmer.


Major of Computer Systems and Multimedia

This major deals with and advanced technologies of two area, i.e. computer systems and multimedia.

In the area of computer systems, theories and experiments of the computer hardware and system software are studied.

The following courses are provided for the graduate students in this major - computer architecture, operating system, real-time operating system, distributed system, fault-tolerant system, embedded system software, device driver development, embedded system design, digital hardware design, parallel processing, system performance analysis, simulation, electronic design automation, etc. Since these comprise the core basic technologies in electronics, computers, and telecommunications, the graduated students usually have jobs in well-known research institutes or companies such as ETRI, Samsung electronics, and etc.

In the multimedia area, the developments and operation of the multimedia application services on computer technologies are studied. Students need to understand the characteristics of media such as documents, sounds and videos, and then study the theories and practices necessary to apply the computer and information technologies to the researches and developments of multimedia application services. The topics are as follows: image processing and analysis (compression, decompression, recognition, watermarking), signal processing, voice processing, 3-dimensional image processing, pattern recognition, virtual reality, computer graphics, computer animation, data mining, etc.